Each assignment requires between one and three hours of student work. There are 7 assignments but you only do 3 of them .
The topics covered in this course are:: earthquakes and volcanoes.

To start an assignment click on the icon in front (i.e. left) of the topic when the application starts., and then select Version 1 for each assignment! (only version 1).

Notice that each assignment gives you an example so that you know what to do. However, you should find the real numbers by examining the data related to the assignment (by clicking on the links at the bottome of the assignment pages).

After the assignment is completed, you need to fill out the scantron and give it to me on the due date.

Make sure to bubble in your name and Section/Time on the scantron form or the 'worksheet'.

Handing in a project past the due date will not be credited! You will get half credit if you hand it in after one day.

All the content instruction and data needed for students to do the assignments are contained in the app.

The answers to the assignments may not be obvious to you in the beginning. Remember that problem-solving assignments require thought and investigation, and are not just "busy work". There is much more to solving them than looking up the answer. Make sure to click the "Help" button at the top left corner of the browser screen for suggested approaches for problem-solving assignments.

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