Debater, please send your report to the moderator at least a day before the debate, or risk losing 5 points!

Debate Teams for Geol 2001
Please notice the dates of debates.
Write down your last name first, followed by first name

11:00 Section

Team A & B (Last Name, First)
Students decide who is in team A or B
(Name & Email)
Date of Debate
Team A:
Team B:
Evan Hart Summers
Jayanna Flint
Kevin Davenport
Kensha Mars
Will Canady Ryan Carey
Kari Black
Zack Timms
Kwaeshauna Johnson
Brandon Brawley
Jasmine Robinson Sophia Welf
Anna Miller Chris King
Montgomery, Courtlyn K.
Williams, Kuwilileni T.

Hayat Nawd

See 'Lectures' page
Team A:
Team B:
Yasmin Lawson
Sage Tabor
Luis Ocharan
Tucker Griffin
John Cauley  

Jessica Klinger

See 'Lectures' page

Debaters must send their debate paper to the Moderator at least one day before the debate!