Debater, please send your report to the moderator at least a day before the debate, or risk losing 5 points!

Debate Teams for Geol 2001
Please notice the dates of debates.
Write down your last name first, followed by first name

Team A & B (Last Name, First)
Students decide who is in team A or B
(Name & Email)
Date of Debate
Joann Lee
Makyla Jackson
Makia Jackson
Christine Caldwell
Asiah Gregory
Daniel Lalla
Meriam Reyes
Christian Washington
Adwoa Adu
Lee Cagle



'Lectures' page

Amanda Lynch
Justine Torres
Chelsea Stephens
David Ochoa
Marcus Goss
Anni Vu
Caitlyn Smith


See 'Lectures' page

Debaters must send their debate paper to the Moderator at least one day before the debate!