The Moderator Role is optional

Moderator's responsibilities are to:

  • Introduce the debaters
  • Iintroduce the issues
  • Keep the debate focused
  • Provide fair and equal time to each side of the debate (keep track of time)
  • Convey questions from the reporter and the audience to the debaters
  • The moderator must prepare a Moderator Summary (worth 5%) from all the Individual Debater summaries, and submit it to me no later than the beginning of the debate session before the debate starts
  • The other students constitute the audience, and must be present and observe the debate
  • The student audience will participate in the debate by asking good questions
  • Students who think that they can take the role of reporter (journalist) must study the subject and ask "intelligent" questions for extra credit (3%). Questions of the "reportes" should be different from the common questions that other students ask!