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Schedule of Lectures and Debates
The course syllabus provides a general plan for the course; deviations may be necessary!
Textbook: Introduction to Environmental Geology (3rd Edition) by: Edward A. Keller. Pearson-Prentice Hall
NOTE: Try buying used version of the book online for few dollars, before the semester starts!
Make sure the Book comes with a CD (for Hazcity assignments)!

For all Hazard City Assignments use 'Version 1" on textbook's CD! Please get the CD!
You are required to do the following 4 assignments (see schedule below):
Earthquake Hazard, Volcanic Hazard, Flood Insurance Rate, and Groundwater

NOTE: Economic way to print the lecture Powerpoint slides
From the "File" menu in Powerpoint, select the "Print" option and then set the "Print What:" to "Handouts", and then set the "Slides per Page:" option to "4" or "2". This prints four or 2 slides on one page; you save paper and ink!

Wk Day Subject/Event, Summary Hazcity Assignments & Misc.
1 Jan
10 T
Fundamental Concepts
& Questions
Is Global Warming Fueling Hurricanes?
Seven billion people in 2011- CNN
2 Jan
17 T
Minerals and Rocks
& Questions
How to do the Hazard City Assignments!
R Natural Hazards
3 Jan
24 T
" Select a Debate Issue
Read Debate Rules
R Earthquake Hazard
4 Jan
31 T
Summary & Questions Injection of water and Earthquake!
R " Start Earthquake Hazcity assignment: See: Guide and Questions
5 Feb
07 T
Volcanic Hazard
R Summary & Questions  
6 Feb 14 T book
1st Exam
Practice 1st Exam
Covers: Fundamentals, Minerals, Earthquake
Summary and Outline for the 1st Exam
UC Berkeley on a Fault!
7 Feb
21 T
Rivers & Flooding Earthquake Hazcity due on Tuesday!
and Questions
Summary & Questions Start Volcanic Hazard Assessment Hazcity v. 1 Guide and Questions
8 Feb
28 T
Spring Break!
No class
9 Mar
06 T
Landslides & Subsidence Landslide in Japan
Summary & Questions  
10 Mar
13 T book
2nd Exam
Practice 2nd Exam
Covers: Volcanos, Rivers, Landslides
Summary and Outline for the 2nd Exam
Water Resources Volcanic Hazcity due on Thursday!
Guide and Questions
11 Mar
20 T
Summary & Questions Start Flood Insurance Rate Hazcity v.1
Guide and Questions
Water Pollution
Clean Water
12 Mar
27 T
Summary & Questions Flood Insurance Hazcity due on Tues!
Guide and Questions
Energy Resources Debate Rules
13 Apr
03 T
Summary & Questions
Start Groundwater Contamination
Hazcity v.1 Guide and Questions
. R
Debate 1. Overpopulation
14 Apr
10 T
Present Research Papers How to Debate, Debate Issues
Debate 2. Energy Resources Research Paper due on Thursday!
15 Apr
17 T
Present Research Papers Groundwater Hazcity due on Tuesday!
Guide and Questions
19 R
3rd Exam (during class time, in the same class room!)
Covers Water Resources, Water Pollution, and Energy Resources.
Practice 3rd Exam, Summary for the covered chapters

Final grades will only be posted on the GoSolar!

Please do not attempt to download or print the following Powerpoint slides because each will take many pages of printing and lots of colored ink! These are here for the purpose of class presentation. Instead of these, print the corresponding "light" files in the above table which are much "leaner"!

Fundamental Concepts Minerals and Rocks
Earhquake Volcanic Hazard
Flood, Landslide Water Resources
Water Pollution Energy Resources