Key Dates- GSU Summer Field Camp

Nov 16 The list of the students going to the field camp will be finalized!
3rd Fri

The Deposit for the Field Camp Supplies Fee is due!
Find the amount for the
Deposit under 'Finances' on Courses' Web page
by clicking on 'Both Basic & Advanced Field Geology''!

3rd Fri
of Mar.
The Balance of the Field Camp Supplies Fee is due!
Find the amount for the Balance under 'Finances' on Courses' Web page by clicking on 'Both Basic & Advanced Field Geology'.
3rd Fri
of April
Pay the 50% of your lodging in the dorm to the Field Camp account.
1st Fri
of May

Pay the balance (remaining 50%) of your lodging in the UM dorm to the Field Camp account.

June 1 Students who drive personal vehicles leave Atlanta; It takes at least three and a half days (includes 3 nights on the road) to drive 2200 mi to Dillon
June 3 Few of the students who fly in Billings MT with Dr. Hidalgo, arrive in the moring.
They will be taken to Dillon with the rental vans to check in the dorms.
Other students who arrive in the Butte Airport, stay in a hotel in Butte, to be picked up the next day.

June 4


Most students who arrive in the Butte Airport on this day will be picked up at the airport. Please arrive no later than 1:00 PM. Those people who arrived the day before and were in hotels the night before, will also be picked up around 11 AM from their hotel.
Everyone will be driven with the vans to the
UM Western in Dillon to check in the Davis Residence Hall, 2nd Floor, Student, Life Learning Center.

Student who travel with their personal vehicles should arrive in Dillon, MT around noon time.
These students should go ahead and check in the dorm (see info about Davis Hall above)!

Students arriving late with peronal vehicles, should call the resident assistant with the public phone located to the left of the entrance door of Davis Hall!

June 5

8:00 AM

1st Field day: Depart for the Frying Pan project
Meet at the parking lot in front of the Mathews Hall (see Map)
Wear field, warm clothes and boots, and bring your lunch, water, backpack, notebook, etc., with you for a whole day of field work!

June 15

8:00 AM

Check out of the dorm for the road trip
Start the Yellowstone-Beartooth Grand Tetons 8-day road trip

June 22

6:00 PM

Road trip ends. End of the Basic Field Geology course!
Check in the UMW dorm in the afternoon
July 6
Two-day off period starts
July 7
Two-day off period ends

July 16

6:00 PM

Final project due - End of Field camp!
After checking out and returning dorm key, some students who drive own vehicles may depart.

July 17

8:00 AM

Students must check out and return keys before leaving (or else they will be charged $60)!

vans, taking students to the Butte Airport, leaves at 8 AM, and will arrive at the Butte airport by 9:30. Students must buy their tickets out of Butte for around noon time on this day!

DRIVING OUT: The remaining students who drive their own vehicles also leave Dillon at ~ 8 AM. These students arrive in Atlanta on July 19 midday!

July 18

8:00 AM

Rental vans leave Dillon for Billings at 8:00 AM. Arrive in Billings in the afternoon.

Fly out of Billings on July 18 no earlier than 4 PM, or stay in Billings one night and fly out on the morning of July 19.