Structural Geology

Course Policies:

Missing-Exam Policy:
Exams: Include the assigned material from the text, and Lab/Map Manuals, class notes, and Exercises.

Laboratory work: Students are expected to spend the lab time completing the assignments in the classroom.

Research Paper: Each student must choose a topic from the attached list or pick another relevant topic by the end of the 3rd week. See the deadline for the paper given above.

Missing Exams/Field trips: Do not miss the scheduled exams/trips unless you have a doctor's or official university excuse which proves an emergency case. In such a case, you must contact me within one day after missing the exam for setting a date for a make-up exam (to be given within 3 days). There is no make-up for a missed make-up exam.

B - Final Exam:
A zero will be assigned for missing the final exam or any field trip for any possible reason/excuse.
This means that there is no make-up for the final exam!

  Class Attendance Policy:
Attendance: If you are absent more than three times during the semester you may be dropped from the course.
  Course Evaluations: One of the changes that GoSOLAR has brought is that now Student Course Evalutions will be filled out online. When you go to the student GoSOLAR screen, one of your link choices will be the evaluations. Please take advantage of this opportunity to give me feedback on this course. Your submission is anonymous, and I cannot view it before I assign your grade. Also, you must submit the evaluation before you know your grade. I will remind you again to fill out the evaluation as we near the end of the course.

E-mail Contact - You all have a GSU e-mail address that looks like this:

This is the address I will use when I need to contact you, either individually or as a class. You are responsible for reading any requirements, changes, announcements, etc. that are sent to you via this e-mail address. Hence, you should check it at least once daily. If you prefer to use another e-mail account(s), you must activate the mail forwarding feature under Options>Mailbox Management while in your GSU e-mail, so that e-mail from me will reach whatever other e-mail account(s) you have specified. I emphasize that you are responsible for this.
To read about your GSU e-mail account, go to: