These links provide great learning tools, and include experiment movies, animation, lecture notes, software applications, and links to other resources!.

Deformation Microstructures in Quartzo-Feldspathic Rocks

Microstructures Online - A short course

Analogue Deformation Experiment

Formation of veins and their microstructures

Transition of gneiss to migmatite

Optical Orientation Imaging

Evolution of mylonitic microfabric

Grain boundary sliding

Structural geology, mapping, GIS software

Principles of microscopy - Nikon

Physics of the Earth, mantle-core

Microstructures, deformation and rock-fluid interaction

Microgeodynamic Laboratory

Rock Deformation and Structure Analysis

AGU Handbook on Geophysical Constants

Modélisation de la déformation des roches: de l'analogue à la roche virtuelle

Structural Geology on the Web (listed at Smith College, Department of Geology)

Academic Groups

Structural Geology and Tectonics Division of GSA

Geometry of Lines and Planes

Spherical Projection

Course Resources on the Internet

Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology on the Web

Teaching Resources for Structural Geology

Rod Holcombe Animation Factory

Download StereoNett

Geological Windows Software

Mohr Circle for Stress

Structural Geology - Mapping GIS Software

The following links are provided by your textbook:
Earth Structure
: An Introduction to Structural Geology and Tectonics Second Edition. By: Ben A. van der Pluijm and Stephen Marshak, 2004


Coaxial strain - lines (Rod Holcombe)

Coaxial strain - particle paths (Rod Holcombe)

Non-coaxial strain - lines (Rod Holcombe)

Non-coaxial strain - random ellipses (Rod Holcombe)


Antitaxial vein and Syntaxial vein (Paul Bons and Mark Jessell)

Edge, Screw and Mixed dislocation glide (John Russ)

Burgers vector in Edge dislocation and Screw dislocation (John Russ)

Fabric development (simulated) in quartz at low Th, representative of a single glide system,
    and medium Th, representative of multiple glide systems (Mark Jessell and Paul Bons)

Fracture and frictional flow in OCP (Win Means)

Porphyroclasts (Coen ten Brink)

Recrystallization-static in OCP (Win Means)

Recrystallization-dynamic in OCP (Win Means)

Stylolites (Mark Jessell and Paul Bons)

Thrust Structures

Fault-bend fold (Rick Allmendinger)

Duplex (Rick Allmendinger)


Planes and Lines in stereographic projection (John Waldron)

Plate tectonics

Plate motion since 750 Ma (Berkeley Museum of Paleontology using Chris Scotese's maps)

Interactive and Image Sites

Visualizing Stress and Strain - Nathaniel E. Reish and Dr. Gary H. Girty (SDSU)

Keck slide set of structural geology (hosted by UBC)

Sedimentary rocks (Union College)

Metamorphic rocks (Union College)

Image Gallery (photos of geologic features and concepts; University of British Columbia)

Interactive Geologic Time Scale (Berkeley Museum of Paleontology)

Deformation Microstructures (Jessell/Bons/Rey at Monash University)

Deformation microstructures of rocks (Tullis/Teyssier/Stünitz at Minnesota); small images and descriptions of microstructures in experimentally deformed rocks.

Microstructures of (deformed) metamorphic rocks (Allen Glazner at UNC)

Atlas of Structural Geophysics (Mark Jessell at Monash University); examples of the relationship between three-dimensional structure and potential-field response.

Periodic table of the elements

Table of the Nuclides

Visualizations in Materials Science (ViMS by John Russ)

Visualizing Stress and Strain (Reish and Girty at SDSU); also downloadable versions.

Virtual Structure/Tectonics Trips On-line fieldtrips where structure/tectonics is the main course.  Links may be slow and there is no local mirror.

Cajon Pass (Joshua Meyers)

Grand Canyon (QTVR image; Digital West)

Grand Teton (Winona State University)

Hayward Fault, California (Sue Ellen Hirschfeld)

Hartford (Triassic) Rift Basin, Connecticut (Colby College)

Harz Mountains, Germany (in German)

Moine Thrust, Caledonides of NW Scotland (Rob Butler)

Nanga Parbat, W Himalayas (Rob Butler)

Oman Ophiolite (Paul Browning)

French Alps/Helvetides (Rob Butler)

San Andreas Fault, California (Joe Dellinger)

Tetons National park, Wyoming

Things to see as a geologist (Terry Acomb)

Other Links

WebElements links to Geological information

Vitual Geoscience Library

Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rock Info Structural Geology & Tectonics

Image Gallery - images of geologic features and concepts

Minerals by Name

National Geophysical Data Center (NOAA)

Structural Geology and Tectonics Division (GSA) - S/T info and link to sites

Structural geology on the Web

Structural geology courses on the Web

Organizations and Societies

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Geobyte)

American Geological Institute

American Geophysical Union and Tectonophysics Section

American Rock Mechanics Association (RockNet)

Australian Geodynamics Cooperative Research Center

Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists

Canadian Tectonics Group

Geological Association of Canada

Geological Survey of Canada

Geological Society of America

International Association of Structural/Tectonic Geologists

National Science Foundation

Seismological Society of America

Tectonic Studies Group (UK)

United States Geological Survey

Yahoo's Geology and Geophysics directory