Material Needed For Lab & Field Exercises

1. Straight edge ruler with millimeter divisions.
Tip: Wide transparent ruler, with inscribed parallel lines, is a great choice (e.g., for structural contours).

2. Transparent protractor, preferably a small one with radial lines.
Tip: Avoid those with inner cut-outs. Solid ones are more convenient for drawing cross sections.

3. Compass to draw circle (e.g., Mohr circle).
Tip: If you do not already own one, buy a good quality, high precision one to last you a lifetime!

4. Graph paper with mm & cm divisions; do not buy those in inches.
Tip: Need two packages.

5. Two fully transparent 8x11" pads of tracing paper. Do not buy larger (i.e., 9"x14") size; they are very inconvenient for putting in a folder!
Tip: Do not buy the thick, milky ones that you cannot see through.

6. Equal area net (to be provided); need to be mounted on a card board.
Tip: Make this as if you want to use it for a life time; you also need it for the field camp.

7. Thin (0.5 mm) mechanical pen with HB lead; avoid hard lead.
Tip: Do not buy the flimsy plastic pens, get a good, solid one!

8. Eraser

9. Colored pencils (very useful for maps!).  Will also need them for the Field Camp!

10. Programmable calculator, with trigonometric and logarithm functions and memory.

11. Brunton Compass (will be handed out)

12. Highlighting pens (to color map exercises); will be of great help to highlight rock units on maps.

13. Field notebook for field trips.