Choose a topic from the following list by the 4th week (Paper is due on the last day of class).

You should provide a historical review of the subject in your introduction, its significance, applications, and methodology. Add a conclusions and References section.
Format and how to write the Research Paper.

NOTE: See "syllabus" for the deadline!

Mandatory topics for graduate students: Gradaute students must chose at least one of their topics for the Research Papers and their presentation from the following table!

Boudinage (Ch. 14) Shear zones and mylonites (Ch. 15)
Contractional Regimes (Ch. 16) Extensional Regimes (Ch. 17)
Strike-Slip Regimes (Ch. 18) Salt Tectonics (Ch. 19)
Balancing and Restoration (Ch. 20) Larger Picture (Ch. 21)

Topics for undergraduate students:
Note: You can add to this list by selecting any other topic from your textbook!

Topic Topic
foliation lineation
thrust fault normal fault
strike slip fault mylonite
cataclasite cataclastic flow
rheology ductile deformation
brittle deformation brittle-ductile deformation
crystal plasticity recrystallization
recovery pressure solution
infinitesimal strain
finite strain shear zones
strain analysis of markers deformation of sed. structures
hydraulic fracturing joints
vein formation boudinage
friction experimental rock deformation
refolding deformation of planar fabric
deformation of linear fabric statistical analysis of fabrics
fractal analysis of structures slope instability
land slides pole of the Mohr circle
structures in ophiolites fractures and karstification
hot spot related extension GIS in geological mapping
dislocations in quartz Fluids in rocks
fold shape quantification Impact structures
dynamic recrystallization Low-angle normal faults
rheology of olivine Pseudotachylytes
balanced cross-sections 3D stress
fluids in rocks Gneiss
Salt deformation Ocean floor fabrics
Disjunctive cleavage Accretionary prism structures
Mineral lineations Unconformities
Rheology of olivine Geophysical Imaging
Dislocations in quartz Faults and fluids
Gold in veins Mineral Lineations
Static recrystallization Fold classification
Slaty cleavage Hydroelastic stress failures

NOTE: You can add to this list by selecting any other topic from your textbook!