University Policies

Class Attendance: According to the Georgia State University undergraduate catalog, class attendance is expected; failure to attend classes regularly may result in poor course performance. The university requires instructors to verify attendance early in the term. Failure to attend classes may result in you not appearing on the Verification Roll and being dropped from the class. Please see section 1334 of the catalog at, and click on the appropriate catalog link to read about attendance policy (posted as a .pdf file).

Withdrawal Procedure: All students should be familiar with the university’s course withdrawal procedures. These can be found in section 1332 of the undergraduate catalog.

Academic Honesty: All students are required to be familiar with the Academic Honesty policy of the university and to comply with the policy. This can be found in section 1380 of the undergraduate catalog.

Access to Computer: Each student must have access to an on-line computer and is responsible for reading all messages sent to his/her university email address, and any other assignments that require the use of a computer. Class changes and/or updates may be conveyed via email or on my Web site, in which case the student is considered to have been informed. The student is required to check this university email box regularly. All students are required to check my Web site ( regularly.

Accommodations for students with disabilities: Georgia State University complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students with disabilities who seek academic accommodations must first take appropriate documentation to the Office of Disability Services located in Suite 230 of the New Student Center.