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Welcome to my web page! This web page describes both my research interests and some of the laboratory facilities supporting these research activities.  My instructional activities are also described briefly here too.  These courses provide the theoretical background and applied knowledge for my students in their research.  Instruction and research go hand in hand.  New knowledge informs our instruction. Instruction provides a venue to communicate new knowledge.   The applications of my research are used toward understanding the processes leading to the thermal maturation and migration of crude oil and natural gas in foreland basins, and understanding the sorption and migration of anthropogenic radionuclides in soils near nuclear reactors and processing areas.  

I have had considerable support through many collaborations – some of these collaborations are featured in the pages that follow.  My students are exposed to both my thinking and the thinking of many investigators through these collaborations.  I believe they wind up with a satisfying thesis both in the data collected and knowing the broader significance of their work.  My students have gained employment both locally in the Atlanta region as well as  employment in state and federal government and in industry (petroleum, mainly).  One recent graduate from my lab went on to University of Arizona’s Ph.D. hydrology program and later for a post-doctoral appointment at Duke University.  Another graduate  from my lab won his company’s top geoscientist award for the employees < 5 years service.  I am proud of these accomplishments and  the accomplishments of all my students.  We work hard. The results are satisfying. We have some fun along the way too.

If you are interested in these activities, then please contact me. I am always on the lookout for inquisitive, and persevering students.  I welcome your comments, questions and inquiries.

Debeye Ring Diffraction PatternBeam Line 11-3, Stanford Linear Accelerator

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