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My Kingdom for a Cat

My other great joy in life is animals. I have befriended many neighborhood and stray cats as long as I can remember.  They are good company.  In my grad student days,  one or two kitties waited for me to come home – sometimes  seen on the outside window sills peering inside.  They know I am always good for a kitty treat. I am a “parent” of two kitties adopted from PAWS Atlanta, a no-kill shelter. They are a terrific group and worthy of support of any kind.

Pet1  Pet2  Pet3


Georgia offers a great opportunity to study birds. My backyard has become somewhat of a bird sanctuary with several feeders and a couple of baths to help them through the scorching summers. The backyard birds provide great viewing for the kitties.  The black swans and their cygnet shown below lived in Lake Avondale a few summers back.


If you can call working as an Associate Editor fun, then this work is fun.  I had this kind of fun for about 13 years. Here is the AE group from Clays and Clay Minerals at the Annual Meeting of the Clay Mineral Society, Athens, GA.  The AE Dinner was Editor Derek Bain’s idea and one that has carried forward since this meeting in 2003.  Nice to have this remembrance.  

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