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Sorption of Cesium (and radiocesium) by micaceous minerals in soils: 

We focus on the sorption of natural Cesium in soils associated with nuclear reactors (Savannah River Site) as a way to project how radiocesium may be held by these soils for the long term.  We employ several conventional methods (X-ray diffraction, wet chemical) and some new and/or unconventional methods (Synchrotron X-ray diffraction, Molecular modelling, isotope exchange with Rb-85, and K-Ar geochronology) to study this sorption by micaecous phases in these soils. This work has been supported by the Subsurface Biogeochemical Program at the United States Department of Energy.  Collaborators include:  Marion Wampler (retired GATECH, now GSU),  Bernd Kahn (GATECH), Dan Kaplan (Savannah River National Lab), Eirik Krogstad (Pacific Northwest National Lab), Randall Cygan (Sandia National Lab), Nico Perdrial (University of Arizona).

Model for Sorption of Cesium and RubidiumMolecular model (siloxane surface) of Muscovite

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