On a Silver Platter:

CD-ROMs and the Promises of a New Technology

Greg M. Smith, editor

New York University Press, 1999

1. Introduction: A Few Words about Interactivity  (PDF version)

Greg M. Smith

2. Before the Holodeck: Translating Star Trek into Digital Media

Janet Murray and Henry Jenkins

3. "To Waste More Time, Please Click Here Again:" Monty Python and the Quest for the CD/Film Adaptation  (PDF version)

Greg M. Smith

4. "Evil Will Walk Once More:" Phantasmagoria The Stalker Film As Interactive Movie?

Angela Ndalianis

5. Busy Box Interface: The Pleasures of Winding

Brian Kelly with Scott Bukatman

6. Civilization and Its Discontents: Simulation, Subjectivity, and Space

Ted Friedman

7. Museum (Dis)Play: Imagining the Museum on CD-ROM

Alison Trope

8. Virtual Kinship in a Postmodern World: Computer Mediated Genealogy Communities

Pamela Wilson

9. Fantasies of Mastery or Masteries of Fantasy? Playing with CD-ROMs in the 5th Dimension

Vanessa Gack

10. Showing and Telling: Developing CD-ROMs for the Classroom and Research

Leslie Jarmon

11. Doing Theory in Hypermedia Practice: A Case Study of the HyperHistory Video Project

Lisa Cartwright