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University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D., Communication Arts, 1998

University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. M.A., Radio-Television-Film, 1990

Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. B.S., Computer Science, 1984



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Articles/chapters {Most of my writings are available here through either HTML or PDF formats.  I list the HTML link first, followed by a link to the PDF version.}
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Professor, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 2009-present

Associate Professor, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, 2003-2009

Assistant Professor, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, 1999-2003

Style and Narrative Analysis
Comparative Issues in Emerging Media
Advanced Film Theory
Issues and Perspectives in Communication Theory
Comics:  Words, Pictures, Stories, Histories
History of Motion Pictures
World Film History
Hollywood Cinema to 1967
Interactive Video Workshop
The Horror Film
Star Studies
Radio Studies
The Author vs. The Audience
Assistant Professor, Carlow College, Pittsburgh, PA, 1995-1999  

Arrested Development and the Narrative of Hyperclosure,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Los Angeles, CA, 2010.

“Television and Comics,” panel workshop co-chair, Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Los Angeles, CA, 2010.

“How Much Serial Is in Your Serial,” invited participant, International Conference on Serial Forms, University of Zurich, Switzerland, 2009.

“John Sayles and City of Hope,” invited participant, Assessing John Sayles Symposium, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 2008.

"Mortality and Seriality:  Death As a Narrative Principle in Oz," Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Philadelphia, PA, 2008.

 “The Presidency and Popular Culture” (with Mary Stuckey), American Political Science Conference, Chicago, IL, 2007.

“Will Eisner and the City,” Comics and the City:  Urban Space in Print, Picture, and Sequence Conference, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, 2007.

 “Structuring a One-Joke Film:  Documentary Narration and The Aristocrats,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Chicago, IL, 2007.

“Taste and Television,” roundtable participant, Flow Television Conference, Austin, TX, 2006.

“Reflecting on the Image:  Sartrean Emotions in the Writings of Andre Bazin,”  invited participant, Audiovisual Emotions:  Representing and Eliciting Emotions through Audiovisual Media Conference, Hamburg, Germany, 2005.

“The Superhero as Labor:  The Secret Corporate Identity,”  Superheroes Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2005.

“The Wages of Sentimentality,” invited lecture, Kino-Eye Conference (sponsors: Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp Film Museum, University of Antwerp), Antwerp, Belgium, 2005.

"Shaping Time:  Expressivity and the Comics Frame," Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, London, England, 2005.