Film Structure and the Emotion System

Greg M. Smith

Cambridge University Press, 2003

Developing the Approach

Chapter One: An Invitation to Feel

Chapter Two: The Emotion System and Nonprototypical Emotions

Chapter Three: The Mood-Cue Approach to Filmic Emotion

Chapter Four: Other Cognitivisms

Analyzing Films' Emotional Appeals

Chapter Five: "Couldn't You Read Between Those Pitiful Lines?" Feeling for Stella Dallas

Chapter Six: Strike-ing Out: The Partial Success of Early Eisenstein's Emotional Appeal

Chapter Seven: Lyricism and Unevenness: Emotional Transitions in Renoir's A Day in the Country and The Lower Depths

Chapter Eight: Emotion Work: The Joy Luck Club and the Limits of the Emotion System

Chapter Nine: "I Was Misinformed:" Nostalgia and Uncertainty in Casablanca


Chapter Ten: An Invitation to Interpret

Appendix: The Neurological Basis of Psychoanalytic Film Theory: Metz's Emotional Debt to Freud the Biologist