Visual Materials Section Three Year Plan -2001
Society of American Archivists

1. Core Activities
A Newsletter (Laurie Baty, Editor)
B. Annual Meeting
2. Special Projects / New Initiatives
A. Independent
1. Create a web development committee to produce a better and more informative Vismat Web Site by filling in the links to members archives, special projects, announcements, etc.
2. Move Vismat Site and other section created sites to SAA servers in coordination with Brian Doyle. 
3. Scan and OCR past newsletters not currently available online and mount on website
4. Section T-shirts for annual meeting
B. Cooperative
1. Develop Session Proposals/Educational Initiatives. Possible session proposal on “When a Housing is not a Home” about proper storage and enclosures which will cover digital images as well as traditional images.
2. Maintain our continued cooperation with ACA, AMIA.
3. Maintain our continued cooperation with roundtables and
committees through our liaisons.
C. Publications
1. Continue review of publications on Visual Materials
2. Create an index of publications reviewed in the last 5 years
3. Solicit for new publications (not necessarily book length) on visual issues. Past suggestions have included, “ A Catalog of Sheet Film Notch Codes,” “Visual Ephemera,” “Establishing Photographic Lab and Digital Imaging Services.”

Visual Materials Section, SAA