Test Your Skills With This Month's Problem

Last Month's Winner:

Arun Bharadwaj Suresh

Rules and Conditions

  • Only one name per answer is allowed. 
  • Every GSU undergraduate student can compete, regardless his/her major. 
  • First student to submit completely correct answer will be acknowledged by certificate, and will also receive $15 dining gift card. 
  • The name of the winner as well as the names of all other students who submit completely correct answer will be announced in the following issue of Problem of the Month. 
  • At the end of the Spring semester, student(s) with largest number of completely correct answers will be acknowledged by certificate. 

Dr. Christian Avart will supervise the contest and select the winner.

Previous Problems

Note: Problems are removed periodically to conserve space. If you would like to view the full backlog, please contact the Webmaser, Madison Hanberry, through mhanberry1@gsu.edu.