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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics announces the twelfth edition of the program Undergraduate Research Initiations in Mathematics, Mathematics Education and Statistics (for short, RIMMES), open to undergraduate students at Georgia State University.

The program goal is to introduce undergraduate students to research in mathematics, mathematics education and statistics. The program will teach the students how to recognize interesting research problems, develop new ideas, compare them to old ones, and present their findings in papers or posters. The students will benefit from close interaction with faculty members and their peers.

Duration of the program: about five months starting with October 1, 2016 .

Structure: the students accepted to this program will each be paired with a faculty mentor and they will decide together on a research project and how to organize their meetings. The faculty mentor will supervise the student and make sure that appropriate progress is made. The student will prepare a final project report in March 2017.

Conclusion of the program:

In April 2017, the Department will organize a Mathematics Conference Day where the best research projects/posters will be presented by their authors.

The following students are part of the RIMMES program:

-Isabella Nang, "Combinatorics and Math Education": mentor Dr. Yi Zhao

-Sean Keeler, "Finite Topological Spaces from a Categorical Viewpoint": mentor Dr. Jeremy Brazas

-Chris Lee, "Dynamical models of human gait": mentor Dr. Igor Belykh

-Akelia White, "Analysis of Study Abroad Experience and Employability" mentor Dr. Yichuan Zhao

-Christopher Thurman, 'Computational studies of traveling waves in integrate and fire neural networks with finite support connectivity' : mentor Dr. Remus Osan

-Caroline Yoon, "Computation of targeting performances in a neural growth model with parameter-dependent branching probability": mentor Dr. Remus Osan.

-George David, "Combinatorics and Math Education", mentor Dr. Yi Zhao