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Atlanta Lecture Series in Combinatorics and Graph Theory IV

November 5-6, 2011



Emory University, the Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University, with support from the National Security Agency and the National Science  Foundation, are hosting a series of 9 mini-conferences from November 2010 - April 2013. The fourth in the series will be held at Georgia State University on November 5-6, 2011.

This mini-conference's featured speaker is Dr. Béla Bollobás, who will give two one-hour lectures. Additionally, there will be five one-hour talks and seven half-hour talks given by speakers listed below. The titles, abstracts, and schedule will be announced soon. Please contact Guantao Chen, if you are interested in participating this mini-conference.


One-hour speakers

  • Béla Bollobás (The Featured Speaker),  Cambridge University and University of Memphis
  • Michael Jacobson,  University of Colorado Denver
  • Lincoln Lu,  University of South Carolina
  • Akira Saito,  Nihon University
  • Bing Wei,  University of Mississippi
  • Douglas West,  University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Half-hour speakers

  • Neal Bushaw,  University of Memphis
  • Joshua Cooper, University of South Carolina
  • Michael Ferrara,  University of Colorado Denver
  • Peter Komjath,  Emory University and Eotvos University
  • Jie Ma, University of California,  Los Angeles
  • Michal Przykucki,  Cambridge University
  • Andrew Uzzell,  University of Memphis


   November  5  
Speakers                 Title & Abstract
9:30am --- 10:20am Lincoln Lu The giant component in a random subgraph of a given graph
10:30am --- 10:55am Neal Bushaw Turán numbers of Multiple Paths and Equibipartite Trees
11:00am --- 11:25am Jie Ma On the behavior of judicious bipartition
11:30am --- 11:55am Peter Komjath The list chromatic number of uncountable graphs
1:00pm ---1:50pm Béla Bollobás Dependent percolation on trees
 2:00pm ---2:50pm Douglas West The Game of Revolutionaries and Spies on a Graph
3:00pm ---3:25pm Michal Przykucki Maximal percolation time in 2-bootstrap percolation
3:25pm ---3:40pm            break
 3:40pm---4:05pm Joshua Cooper Spectra  of hypergraphs
4:10pm---5:00pm Bing Wei Branch number and Hamiltonian properties of k-trees
November 6
 Speakers  Title & Abstract 
8:30am--- 9:20am Béla Bollobás Union-closed families of sets
9:30am--- 9:55am Andrew Uzzell Generalized update families in two-dimensional bootstrap percolation
10:00am--- 10:25am Michael Ferrara Degree Conditions for H-Linked Digraphs
10:25am --- 10:40am       break
10:40am--- 11:30am Michael Jacobson Graph Saturation -- Recent Results, New Directions and Related Variants
11:40am--- 12:30pm Akira Saito Forbidden subgraphs and 2-factors

 Room 124, Parker H. Petit Science Center(see GSU map, labeled 26), Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 30303

Marriott Residence Inn Atlanta Downtown, 134 Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30303,404-522-0950, Special rate for Atlanta Lecture Series in Graph Theory and Combinatorics.

 If you are interested, please email at

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