Management Studies in Great Britain
Sponsored by Department of Management
Robinson College of Business

   MAY, 1999 (MAY SESSION)

Georgia State University's Management Studies Program  in Great Britain provides an opportunity to see, hear, and study firsthand the experiences and perspectives of managers in Great Britain. During the first week of the May session, class meetings at GSU will prepare students for the trip. The group will depart for Scotland on May 21, and return to Atlanta on June 4, 1999. The GSU Management Department has conducted a European Study Abroad Program for 20 consecutive years.

The two-week experience focuses  on the impact of economic, political/legal, and sociocultural factors on the theory and practice of  management. We will visit a variety of organizations in Scotland and England and have the opportunity to examine: the role of business in society; public-private sector relationships; business and economic development; human behavior in the workplace; and strategic management.

Participants will receive 3 credit hours toward their graduate/undergraduate business degree program (MGT 8660/4660). The cost of the program, including airfare, hotel, breakfasts, and inter-city travel, is projected at $2695 (subject to change). A detailed brochure will be available at a later date.

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