Semester Conversion Highlights

Q. Whar are the course loads for full-time and half-time status?
A.  To graduate in four years from a 120-semester hour bachelor's degree program without attending in the summer, you'll need to take 15 semester hours each fall and spring semesters. Full-time status: undergraduate students must carry a minimum of 12 semester hours; and graduate students must carry a minimum of 9 semester hours. Half-time status: undergraduate students can be certified as being enrolled half-time if they carry 6-11 semester hours; graduate students enrolled in 5-8 semester hours can be certified as half-time.

Q.  As an international student, may I continue to choose any semester as my vacation period
A.  In a semester system, an international student may only take vacation in summer. They must meet full-time definition given above during every fall and spring semester.

Q.  What are "transition students" and how will they be affected?
A.   Transition students are those who enrolled as GSU before Fall 1998 and are making normal progrees toward their degrees, but will not finish their degrees before the conversion. Students in this category will not be penalized by the conversion. The goal is for transition students not to take more course than they would if they had finished under the quarter system.

Q.  Can I finish my degree requirements under my quarter-system catalog edition?
A.  Generally, yes, as long as you remain eligible to retain this catalog edition. Undergraduate students should see page 44 of the 1996-1998 GSU General Catalog for information. Graduate students should refer to their graduate bulletin.

Q.  How will tuition and fee be computed?
A.  The cost of one semester hour would be equal to the cost of 15 quarter hours. Student fees will be converted in the same manner, by multiplying the current fee by 1.5.

Q.  Will I still be able to get PACE for my current program fo study  once we convert to semesters?
A.   Yes. After February 1,1998, PACEs will show quarter-system courses as well as the semester system courses.

Semester Conversion Benefits: 

. Since all of the University System of Georgia will convert , your breaks/vacations will be similar to those of your friends at other semester schools.
. Cross registration with schools on the semester system will be easier.
. You won't have the intense pressure of completing work in the shorter time frame of a quarter.
. Semester-system schools finish in May; Quarter-system schools in June.
. You will enter the job market a month ahead of students on the quarter-system.
. You will have more time to spend understanding and retaining material covered in your course.

For more information see the Semester Transistion Manual on the GSU Web page,, or call the Registrar's Office at 404/651-2200.