GraduateCourse Description
NOTE:Course titles shown in the parentheses are in Quarter system. Course credithours are shown in parentheses immediately following the course title.Courses are in alphabetical order by course prefix.
CoursesEquivalent to Prerequisites: The satisfactory completion of a course orcourses equivalent in content to one stated as a prerequisite will fulfillthat prerequisite.

MBA8412 (BA 841). Organizational Behavior. (5) Prerequisites: none.

MBA8452 (BA 865). Operations Management. (5) Prerequisite: MBA 8041 orDSc 3100.

MBA8993 (BA 899). Strategic Management. (5) Prerequisites: MBA 8041 orDSc 3100; MBA 8121 or Acct 2101-2102 and FI 3300; MBA 8403, MBA 8412; MBA8622; MBA 8642.

Mgt8150 (Mgt 815). Organizations, Work, and Literature. (3) Prerequisite:none.

Thiscourse is an examination of the treatment of business specifically andorganizations     generally in literature. This courseis designed to aid students in viewing organizations from an external perspective,with the prospect of developing an in-depth understanding of organizationsand their leaders. Overviews of the organizations are stressed by usingan interdisciplinary approach to the study of various bureaucracies, businesses,governments, and other forms of organizations. Poets, fiction writers,essayists, and others comment through their works on modern organized life,work, the "organization man and woman," and organizational values. Philosophiesof leadership are considered, with accompanying attention paid to policymaking and direction by organization leaders. SP

Mgt8200 (Mgt 820). Theory of Organization. (3) Prerequisites: none.

Mgt8250 (Mgt 825). Entrepreneurship and Enterprise. (3) Prerequisites:Fi 3300, Mk 3010, and Mgt 3500, or consent of instructor.

Mgt8300. Venture Development in Electronic Commerce.

Thiscourse examines the development of internet- or digital-based commercethrough the creation of prototype businessnes by student teams. Studentskills development includes the understanding of business creation andan understanding of the technical opportunities and inner-workings of theInternet. The topics discussed will cover enterpreneurship and new venturedevelopment, types of commerce on the Internet, and how this digital-basedcommerce works. This will be complimented by critical examination of existingInternet- or digital-based business and the development of viable businessenterprises by the students.

Mgt8389. Directed Readings in Management. (1-3) (Replaces Mgt 838). Prerequisite:consent of instructor, good academic standing.  FA

Mgt8400 (Mgt 840). Interpersonal Dynamics in Organizations. (3) Prerequisite:none.

Mgt8420E (Expeimental). Field Study in Entrepreneurship. (3) Prerequisites:Permission of instructor. The criteria will be (1) evidence of interestin and knowledge of entrepreneurship and (2) a match between availableinternships and the students's skills.

FieldStudy in Entrepreneurship immerses graduate students in the planning andexecution of complex entrepreneurial activities in a small existing orstart-up business. Activities involve new business formatio, directionsetting, growth, or turnaround.  While students will be under thesupervision of the faculty, they are expected to display responsible independentaction and to interact frequently with a business founder, owner, or chiefexecutive. Students must apply concepts learned in other business coursesto their field study experience and to report orally and in written forthe lessons learned. The course may be repeated once for credit.

Mgt8430. Enhancing Leadership Skills. (3) Prerequisite: MBA 8412.

Mgt8440 (Mgt 844). Work Team Design and Development. (3) Prerequisite:MBA 8412.

Mgt8450 (Mgt 845). Organizational Development and Change. (3) Prerequisites:MBA 8412, Mgt 8200.

Mgt8510 (Mgt 851). Operations Planning and Control. (3) Prerequisite:MBA 8452 or CMBA 8040 or consent of instructor. CSP:1.

Mgt8520. Seminar in the Design of Operating Systems. (3) (Replaces Mgt 896)Prerequisite: MBA 8452 or CMBA 8040 or consent of instructor.

Mgt8540 (Mgt 854). Production/Operations Strategy. (3) Prerequisite: MBA8452 or CMBA 8040.

Mgt8550 (Mgt 855). Applications of Simulation in Management. (3) Prerequisite:MBA 8041. CSP:1.

Mgt8560 (Mgt 856). Principles of Quality Management. (3) Prerequisite:MBA 8452 or CMBA 8040 or Mgt 4700.

Mgt8580. Project Management (3) (Replaces Mgt 882). Prerequisite: An introductorycourse in probability and statistics

Mgt8600 (Mgt 860). International Management. (3) SP Prerequisite: IB 8090or consent of instructor.

Mgt8650 (Mgt 865). Philosophy and Methodology of International Management.(3) Prerequisites: MBA 8412 and consent of instructor.

Mgt8660 (Mgt 866). Management and Cross-National Environments. (3) Prerequisites:MBA 8412, consent of instructor.

Mgt8670. Multinational Perspectives in Organizational Behavior. (3) Prerequisite:MBA 8412.

Mgt8700 (Mgt 870). Contemporary Management Philosophy. (3) Prerequisite:none.

Mgt8810 (Mgt 881). Management Planning. (3) Prerequisite: none.

Mgt8520 (Mgt 896). Seminar in the Design of Operating Systems. (3) Prerequisite:MBA 8452 or CMBA 8040 or consent of instructor.

Mgt9000 (Mgt 900). Seminar in Structural Aspects of Policy Formulation. (3)Prerequisite: consent of instructor. CSP: 1

Mgt9200 (Mgt 920). Seminar in Organizational Behavior. (3) Prerequisite:consent of instructor.

Mgt9250 (Mgt 925). Reading Seminar in Management. (1-9) Prerequisite:consent of instructor. FA

Mgt9300 (Mgt 930). Methodology of Behavioral Research in Organizations. (3)Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

Mgt9400 (Mgt 940). Seminar in Organization Design and Implementation. (3)Prerequisties: MBA 8412, Mgt 8200, Mgt 9200, or consent of the instructor.

Mgt9500 (Mgt 950). Seminar in Advanced Topics in Contemporary Behavior. (3)Prerequisites: Mgt 9200, DSc 8840, DSc 8860.

Mgt9600 (Mgt 960). Seminar in Operations Management. (3) Prerequisites:Mgt 8510, Mgt 8520.


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