Phi Chi Theta
National Fraternity In Business and Economics

  "Joining us will be your best investment"

In Business Together...
Since our founding in 1924, we have encouraged our members to discover and achieve their fulll potential by:
-- working together to meet the challenges of business today and in the future
--developing management, leadership, and organizational skills

--communicating with other professionals in the business community
--working with other professional fraternities
--meeting with government, professional, and educational representatives to discuss questions affecting the frternity worl
--continuing membership in alumni chapters

Education Through Experience...
Membership in Phi Chi Theta will enhance your college education through:
--practical experience by active participation in your chapter
--growth and development of personal skills

--development of the skills necessary to succeed in today's corporate environment
--exposure to a wide range of topics at local meetings
--joint educational programs with other chapters and professional organizations in your area

--participation in career day counselling programs
--participation in regional and national meetings

Phi Chi Theta Purpose...
To promote the cause of higher business education and training for all individuals; to foster high ideals for everyone pursuing a career in business; to encourage fraternity and cooperation among people preparing for such careers; and to stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ends.

Meeting Tomorrow's Business Challenges Today
We offer you:
lifetime membership
growth as a professional
networking opportunities
friendship and lifelong associations
the sharing of business and professional experiences

Who Can  Join?
Students working toward a degree in business or economics who have maintained the all school average and who have at least advanced freshman standing.

While Phi Chi Theta stresses professional activities, it does require that a prospertive member receive an invitation to join, complete an orientation program in fraternity education and heritage, and be willing to perpetuate the ideals of the fraternity.

Membership in Phi Chi Theta is a lifetime experience. Alumni chapters interface with collegiate chapters in their area, conduct programs to enhance their area, conduct  programs to enhance their own professionalism, and expand their network with other professionalism, and expand their network with other professional organizations. Upon graduation, collegiates are encouratged to continue their participation as an alumni member.

If you want to be a part of a coed professional fraternity for business and economics  majors, please contact: by write down your Name, Campus Address and Phone#.

Be It Known That The Mission of Phi Chi Theta, A National Professional Fraternity,
Is To:

--Provide an opportunity to develop and practice those professional leadership skills and abilities necessary to succeed in the business community;
--Provide a local and national network to share resources, ideas, and concepts;

--Instill in its membership those values, codes and creeds which will enable participation in a rapicly changing world; and
--Enable members to develop the business astuteness necessary to achieve high esteem and success in their chosen fields.

National Fraternity Headquarters
Phi Chi Theta
C/0 Leslie A. Trout, Exec. Dir.
1704 Hanks Street
Lufkin TX 75904

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