SEM Methodological Journals

The journals where structural equation modeling papers have appeared are, naturally, as diverse as the researchers who use SEM. Still, over time, a small number of journals have proven to be "likely outlets" for important methodological developments in this field. This page provides links to sites associated with these journals.

Note: A rather comprehensive list (163K) of psychology-related journals with Web links is available from a server in Japan.

British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology
This journal has recently published important papers on asymptotically distribution-free (ADF) methods.

Educational and Psychological Measurement
Educational and Psychological Measurement publishes relevant articles especially in the areas of reliability and validity assessment.

Multivariate Behavioral Research
MBR's immediate past editor, Stanley Mulaik, and its new editor, Roger Millsap, both have outstanding backgrounds in SEM, and SEM methodological papers appear frequently.

Psychological Bulletin / Psychological Methods
The "Quantitative Methods in Psychology" section in Psychological Bulletin has regularly played host to seminal methodological papers in SEM. Beginning in 1996, this section is being spun off into a separate, "companion" journal, titled Psychological Methods.

This journal publishes methodological papers of a more technical and mathematically rigorous nature.

Sociological Methodology
This annual has published key papers on SEM methods going back through the early 1980's.

Sociological Methods & Research
This journal publishes large numbers of methodological papers on SEM.

Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal
SEM: AMJ only began publication in 1994, but its editorial review board is almost a "Who's Who" of the field. Readers may find a practical, "nuts and bolts" approach to SEM methodology predominates here. The journal regularly features "Teachers Corner" pedagogical pieces and timely reviews of books and software. Complete contents.

For application examples . . .

In addition, good applied examples are found throughout the applied literature in the behavioral and social sciences, and in premiere marketing and management journals. The business literature also occasionally hosts an important methodological paper, as well.
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