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LISCOMP, analysis of LInear Structural equations with a COMPrehensive measurement model, is a structural equation modeling program especially well-suited for categorical data (dichotomous and ordered polytomous) and continuous multivariate nonnormal data (skewed and kurtotic, truncated and censored with floor and ceiling effects). It includes standard features for continuous multivariate normal data and handles mixtures of variable types. LISCOMP can also be used for Monte Carlo studies with automatic generation of data.

Analysis by LISCOMP may consist of one or both of two steps. The first step is the calculation of sample statistics with related information. Regression analysis can be performed when exogenous variables are present, while in absence of exogenous variables e.g. polychoric, tetrachoric or polyserial correlations can be estimated.

Second, analysis by LISCOMP consists of the analysis of structural models. Path analysis, simultaneous equation systems, or structural equation regression with latent variables can be done when exogenous variables are present. In absence of exogenous variables, LISCOMP performs exploratory or confirmatory factor analysis, analysis of mean and threshold structures, or multiplegroup analysis.

Estimators can be obtained using maximum likelihood (probit and tobit regression), generalized least squares, unweighted least squares, weighted least squares with user-specified weight matrix, asymptotically distribution-free GLS (ADF), or normal theory GLS.

The program includes a well-organized user's guide with many worked examples of program input and output.


LISCOMP is available for IBM compatible PCs with 640 Kbyte RAM, DOS 3.0+ and a hard disk. A math coprocessor is not required, but will accelerate calculations four to six times.

LISCOMP is also available for mainframe IBM MVS, IBM VM/CMS and VAX/VMS.



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