Jack Hassard is Emeritus Professor of Science Education, Georgia State University (GSU).  He was professor of science education at GSU from 1969 to 2003.  During his tenure at GSU Jack was Director of the Global Thinking Project, Coordinator of Science Education, and the developer of the TEEMS science education program. He taught graduate courses in science education, and directed the work of many Ph.D. students in science education.  

He was visiting professor of science education at Florida State University, the Far West Lab, and the University of Vermont.  He taught courses during five summers at the University of Hawaii.  From 1990 - 2002, he conducted seminars on science education and technology for the Bureau of Education and Research to more than 200,000 teachers.  He published more than 20 books on science education, and was awarded grants from state and federal agencies including the National Science Foundation, the United State Information Agency, the Eisenhower Grant Program, and the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.  

In the 1980s he became Director of the Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP) Soviet-Exchange Program which organized professional exchanges between North Americans and Soviets.  For 20 years Jack coordinated activities between the US and Russia, and this work led to the development of the Global Thinking Project.  Hundreds of American and Russian students and teachers participated in face-to-face exchanges, and more than a hundred schools world-wide participated in the GTP Internet-based environmental science curriculum

Jack is currently  involved in writing, managing various websites and writing The Art of Teaching Science Weblog.  This website is dedicated to science teaching and science education research, and includes resources for science teachers and science education professors and researchers.   

Jack's most recent book is  The Art of Teaching Science: Inquiry and Innovation in Middle School and High School, 2nd Edition (2009)


Following is a brief summary of what you will find in this Website.  I hope you enjoy and find valuable the resources within.  

Best regards, Jack Hassard


I have an active weblog that I invite you to visit and add comments to the discussion of science education issues.  The Weblog will also bring you to a full website based on my most recent book, The Art of Teaching Science: Inquiry and Innovation in Middle School and High School.

Science Methods and Courses in Science Pedagogy

You will find two important links here related to pedagogy.  The first, How to Teach Science Real Good? is designed to offer pedagogical tools and resources for science educators.  The second link you might find interesting is a collection of my own syllabi from introductory science methods courses, to advanced graduate courses for Ph.D. students.

Web-Based Projects and Resources

You will find several links here including a link to several Web-Based Projects that you can use to involve secondary students, or pre- and in-service educators.  These include Hurricane Katrina, Project Ozone, and Mission to the Blue Planet.  You will also find a link to the Global Thinking Project archive, and one to additional Web Resources.

Science as Inquiry

This is a link to a website based on my book, Science as Inquiry, which focuses on cooperative learning, project-based teaching and the Internet. Activities in this book are project-based, web-assisted, and include active assessment strategies.



Links to books and other resources that I have developed.