Internet-Based Lessons

Internet-Based Lessons

Science Domain




Biomes and Ecosystmes

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

These lessons focus on biological science. The genetics lesson makes use of the Virtual Fly Lab in which student teams explore the traits of a virtual fly. The Biomes and Ecosytems lesson engages student research teams in an exploration of one of eight biomes which are actually expedition sites including the Galapagos, Mt. Everest, the Nile and the Amazon. In the Cells lesson, students go on a scavenger hunt to find out about cells.

Earth Science

History of the Earth


Mission to the Blue Planet

The Turkey Earthquake

Project Riverkeepers

Project Ozone

In the History of the Earth, students use the UC Berkeley Paleontology site to gather data about one of the Eras in Earth history. The Clouds lesson engages students in developing a theory to explain cloud formation. Other earth science lessons that have been added include the Blue Planet, Turkey Earthquake, as well as Project Riverkeepers and Project Ozone.



Atomic Theory

In Stoichiometry students use several web sites to do quantitative calculations and discuss chemical reactions. In the Atomic Theory lesson students use the Web to become familiar with the historic and scientific development of atomic theory.



Gravitational Forces

In the Waves lesson, students are presented with seven "challenges" in which the use the Web to find solutions. In the Gravitational Forces lesson, visit the official Isaac Newton home page and explore the development of "Newton's Laws."