Web 101 201

Science Internet-Based Lessons
Note: Each lesson emphasizes science inquiry and problem solving, as well as being designed with constructivism as a referent. The lessons come from a wide variety of sources.

Earth Science

Environmental Science

Life Science

Physical Science

Amazing Dinosaur Scientists

Amazing Space

Classifying Galaxies (teacher page)

Classifying Galaxies (student page)

Cloud Formation

A City in Space: An International Space Station

Comet Quest

The 1999 Earthquake in Turkey

Ecoquest Desert Edition*

Geological and Biological History of the Earth

How to be a Smart Searcher: An Investigation of Volcanoes

Hurricane Webquest

Mission to the Blue Planet: A Virtual Experience to Study Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Impact Craters, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, El Niño and La Niña

On Board SS-Beta--Somewhere over Tera: A Space Science Quest

Solar System Expedition

Solar System Trading Cards

Volcanoes: Can They be Predicted?*

Women in Science

Biomes & Ecosystems Using Virtual Expeditions

Cracking Dams: An Environmental Investigation

Garbage: How can My Community Reduce Waste*

Gulf Water Monitoring Project

Illustrating Endangered Species

Nonprofit Prophets: A Telecommunications Community Action Project

Ozone: Here, There and Everywhere

Project Ozone: A Ground-Level Ozone Monitoring and Data Pooling Project

Project Riverkeepers: A River Monitoring and Data Pooling Project

Save the Whales

San Diego - Biarritz, France: A Comparative Study of Environments

Women in Science

Amazing Animals

Bird Song Matcher*

Cells, Cells, Cells: A Webquest

Conflict Yellowstone Wolves: Analyzing the Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf problem

Cow Eye Dissection*

Desert Quest

Game of Life: Simulates the birth, death, etc., of organisms based on certain rules*

Genetics: Using the Virtual Flylab*

Hello Dolly: A Project About Cloning

Interactive Frog Dissection*

Mendel's Pea Experiment*

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

Quia: Biology Games and Quizes Online*

The Senses

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sheep Brain Dissection: The Anatomy of Memory

Women in Science

Amusement Park Physics*

Atomic Theory: Investigating the Ideas of Democritis, Dalton, Thompson, Rutherford and Bohr

Auroras in the Sky

Energy Resource Webquest

Gravitational Forces

Heat Transfer and El Niño.

International Boiling Point Project

Inventor Investigator--A Webquest

Little Shop of Physics*

Optical Illusions*

Quia: Chemistry Games and Quizes Online*

Roller Coaster Madness


Waves: Exploration of Wave Length, Frequency, Amplitude, Velocity, Reinforcement & Interference

Women in Science

* Indicates an Interactive Website Activity