Science as Inquiry
Science as Inquiry and Increasing Your Students' Science Achievement Website


Jack Hassard
Emeritus Professor of Science Education
Georgia State University


Welcome to the Science as Inquiry Web site. This site supports the text Science as Inquiry and the seminar "Increasing Your Students' Science Achievement: Using the Internet, Active Learning, Project-Based and Performance Assessment Strategies.".


Cooperative Learning Structures A collection of cooperative strategies (structures) designed to increase cooperative problem solving and inquiry.

Interactive Teaching Structures A collection of cooperative learning strategies (structures) that can be integated with "direct" instruction to create an interactive classroom environment. Or, how to make your "lectures" interactive.

Exciting Examples of Everyday Phenomena. Collection of science activities integrating cooperative learning and inquiry as the pedagogy for learning.

Fuzzy Situations
Collection of fuzzy situations for debate and discussion of controversial science topics.


Project Based Science Teaching
A collection of construction or engineering, experimental, as well as search and find science projects. Further resources on Project Based Science.

Online Classroom
All of the links for the following activity structures presented in the seminar: keypals, global classrooms, question and answer services, information exchanges, on-line field trips, network science, information searches, and social action projects.

Web-Based Activity Design Formats Processes to design web-based activities.

Project Ozone. A website supporting an environmental science project focusing on clean air. Additional link to a collection of environmental science activities developed by American and Russian teachers.

CONSTRUCTIVISM IN THE BAG: Active Learning Lessons

Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics Lessons (online versions)


Art of Teaching Science A new interactive science education website (WEBLOG) for instructors, curriculum specialists, teachers and students. Discuss science education with colleagues.

Nicenet: A free online management system. Put your course online here.

Web 101
A Collection of 101 web-based science lessons organized into the categories of Earth science, environmental science, life science, and physical science.

Websites for Science Teaching
A collection (hotlist) of sites organized into the categories of biology, chemistry, Earth science, environmental science, physics, science museums, and search tools.

AstroCappella is a marriage of astronomy and music, developed by astronomers and professionally recorded by the a cappella group The Chromatics. 

Increasing Your Students' Science Achievement on Audio Tape. An inquiry-oriented program available from the Bureau of Education and Research

Hurricane Katrina. A webquest designed to educate and inform citizens about hurricanes and how they impact us.


Science as Inquiry. A resource book that focuses on how to teach science as inquiry.

The Art of Teaching Science, 2nd Edition. A new book focusing on the artistry of teaching emphasizing a humanistic, experiential, and constructivist approach to teaching and learning. A full-fledged website developed by the authors is available at The Art of Teaching Science Companion Site.