Students will learn about the functionality and need for stoichiometry. Quantitative stoichiometry will be learned and practiced, including calculations from moles to moles, from moles to grams, and from grams to grams. Students will see practical applications of stoichiometry and develop computer and Internet research skills.


As a class, students will brainstorm on chemical reactions and how knowledge of them can be useful. Students are then assigned a partner with whom they will work on this Internet based activity. Each pair of students will complete a Stoichiometry Handout by visiting the diverse websites indicated on the Handout. Students will be required to extract information from the websites, as well as do quantitative calculations based on data contained in the sites. Once all students have completed the Handout, the class will discuss once again chemical reactions and address the issues raised in the initial brainstorm.


Computers with Internet Access, copies of the enclosed Handout 


Class should be encouraged to brainstorm on the topic of chemical reactions. They should be assisted by asking questions such as: "What do you know already about reactions?", "Why can it be useful to know about chemical reactions?", "What is important to know about reactions?", "Who would benefit from knowing about reactions?', etc. A record of the brainstorm should be kept for future use. Feel free to answer many of the issues and questions raised by the students. The internet activity is a complement to qualitative and quantitative studies in stoichiometry.


Each pair of students should receive a copy of the enclosed Handout for this activity. With their partner, students should visit the websites indicated on the Handout, which are also listed below, in order to answer the quantitative and qualitative questions. Students will be required to extract information from the websites, as well as do mathematical calculations based on data from the sites.


Once the students have completed the Handout, the class will discuss the questions on the Handout and the responses they obtained. Pairs of students should be encouraged to share their results and answers. Once the Handout has been reviewed and turned in to the teacher, students should attempt to re-address a few of the issues raised in the initial brainstorm, and discuss briefly once again, the role of stoichiometry.


As potential expansion to stoichiometry., students could research photosynthesis or cellular respiration. Another aspect could be commercial chemistry and how stoichiometry plays a significant role in the cost efficiency of a chemical corporation. Lastly, further research could be done on molarity and Avogadro's number.


Name: _________________________ Partner:______________________

Please visit the following websites, follow the directions, and answer the questions. 

Website #1:
The answers are provided on this site; use them to check your answers only. Keep in mind you MUST show your work. 
Website #2:

Read the initial paragraph on Fuels and answer the following question:

Website #3:
Website #4:

(This website contains college level problems in stoichiometry. Teachers are encouraged to visit this site and select a few for students to complete.) 

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