Learning Cycle


Teacher: Actor, Ringmaster

Get them involved!

Students: Spectators, Judges

What's going on?



Teacher: Facilitator, Coach

What have you tried?

Students: Investigators, Builders

What if we did this?



Teacher: Expert, Tour Guide

Here's what others found.

Students: Curious adventurers

Tell me an answer, please!


Take Action

Teacher: Consultant, Evaluator.

That was a great job!

Students: Independent Agents, Performers, Artisans

What can I do about it?


Principles of Learning

Traditional View

Constructivist View

Students learn because....

...teachers teach.

...they want or need to know.

Learning is influenced by.....

...the school curriculum and instruction.

...learners' experiences and resultant existing ideas.

New knowledge is.....

...attained through exposure to new information.

...constructed upon prior knowledge from personal and social sources.

For better learning....

...focus on better curriculum planning, better teacher preparation, better facilities, and more time for teaching.

...you should focus on what learners want or need to know, based on their self-perceived needs and interests and societal norms.

Students succeed if...

...they study hard and meet teacher expectations.

...their needs are met by the instruction and they become self-sufficient problem solvers.

Feedback is...

...provided through quizzes and tests, which are also used for grading.

...an integral component of all facets of the learning experience and is not used for grading.

The teacher is a...

...content expert who supervises and evaluates learning.

...facilitating partner in learning with a broad content mastery.