Interactive Internet Lesson Plans

Fall 2001

Eagle Eyes!

by Tania Chitwood

Got Water?

by Jennifer Collier

Waterfalls and Caves

by Jenna Jenkins

Cell Organelles

by Joycelyn Johnson

Genes and genetic abnormalities

by Micahel Kidd

Mission on Mitosis

by Tracy May

The Behavior of Gasses

by Robert Pike

Molecular Genetics

by Rhonda Rackley

How 'bout them genes , pardner?

by Julie Schumaker

Fall 2000

Fall 1999

Muscular System

by Lori Andrews


by Florence Duarte

Composition of Matter

by Florence Emery


by Brigid Foster


by David Heidel

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

by Diane Hoopaugh-Morris

Cell Structure and Function

by Salle Komar


by Jenny Lee

Cellular Exploration

by Lenora Lewis

 A Moving Experience

by Paula Lindsey

Atomic Exploration

by Renee Haugen


by Suzanne Lynch

What's the Vector, Victor?

by Ed Mikovsky

Mitosis and Meiosis

by Ryan Queen

Structure of the Cell

by Evangeline Quinn

The Nature of Matter

by Libby Torbush

Fall 1998

Vision and the Eye

by Dawn Martin


by Shirley Hanner

Rainforest Biodomes

by Kristie Heath


by Kim Belt


by Christy Atkins

Sound Waves and Animals

by Terry Belflower

Name that Compound

by Jo MacPherson

Promote Global Worming!

by Brian Mumma

Global Warming

by Anna Morton

Rocks, Gems and Minerals

by Raymond Komenan

Bug Me

by Erika Ijames

What Makes A Bug Tick?

by Charles Hutchison

An Exploration of Simple Machines

by Nikki Bisesi