Internet Lesson Plan

OZONE! Here, There, and Everywhere!

 Invitation | Exploration | Explanation | Taking Action

Grade: Middle School earth science or a high school environmental chemistry class.

Time Frame: open ended



Using the internet as their main resource, students will learn about the characteristics of ground level ozone and its effects. Students will then lean to measure ground level ozone using a simple chemical test. Following data collection, students share their results with by uploading their data over the internet.


Computers with internet access, Eco badge pack, thermometer, sling psychrometers, water Test eco filters-previously exposed, access to the weather channel


To motivate students and fine-tune their sky-observing skills students working in pairs at a computer, are to take the Sky-quiz. They should answer all the questions then study the air quality in their area.



Students should participate in Project Ozone at the exploratory level. Students should make be sure to register for project participation and to follow project protocols closely. At this point, students should do the class activity entitled Smog testing using Eco-badge protocol in which they learn how to monitor the ground level ozone correctly.


Student's continuing participation in Project Ozone will instruct them to e-mail their data to the main database. They should also download data from other areas (posted by other students in other schools) for analysis of ground level ozone in areas around their school. A classroom discussion of results, possible causes, and possible consequences will fit well here.


Take Action:

Students can learn more about ozone and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the chemical formula for ozone?
  2. What is the difference between stratospheric ozone and tropospheric ozone?
  3. Is there such thing as rural ozone?


EXTRA: Students can set up more monitoring stations and continue measuring ground level ozone over the course of the year to observe if seasonal variations exist.

 by Florence Duarte