Population Genetics


What percentage of a population have inherited traits such as attached earlobes, widow's peak, and hitch-hiker's thumb? Do the percentages your class post in this collaborative project display the expected genetic statistics?

This project is designed by Science Educators from Georgia State University who realize the need to collaboratively collect and analyze scientific data on a broader scope. The particpants may be science educators, or educators from other disciplines...since we all have inherited traits that are recognizeable easily described, and interesting to analyze.



We will observe and compile data on:

Attached Ear lobes

Cheek Dimples

Tongue Curling

Hitch Hiker's Thumb

Cleft Chin


Widow's peak

Right or Left Handed

We will use the Inherited Traits Worksheet to record our observations in pairs, and then compile data for groups of ten.

We will then post our data on the CLEO Online Collaborative Project. or the Inherited Traits Submission Form.

To analyze and chart the data, you can use ALICE software.

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