I am currently the director of the Public Performance and Management Group. This research team consists of three staff members, consultant partners, and a number of graduate research assistants and student interns. The mission of PPM is to energize the pursuit of performance in public organizations. We seek to do this by raising the level of dialog about performance improvement and by working directly with public organizations to improve performance and outcomes. My leadership role involves setting the strategic direction of PPM, pusuing new funding opportunities, and working with associates on research projects for funding and publication.

I completed a three year term as chair of the Public Management and Policy Department in 2008.  This is a large department that offers an undergraduate degree in public policy, two masters degrees (an MPA and an MPP), and a shared doctorate in public policy with Georgia Tech. I have developed and implemented many new initiatives while serving as chair.


Creation of an undergraduate public policy major.

Restructuring an MPA degree, a masters in urban studies (to create an MPP), and a doctorate in public policy.

Completion of an "A" graded NASPAA self-sudy report.

Development of a stronger student support structure, including: the design and implementation of a student career week, a spring speaker series, an open house, yearly student surveys, and a student organization.

Creation of a public management research center.

Development of several international shared-program relationships and a three week summer Maymester in Europe program.

Development of an alumni outreach program, including: creation of an alumni club, an improved alumni data base, and the collection of alumni profiles.

Collaborating with a new MPA Program Development Director to develop a marketing plan for the MPA degree.

Developed a number of plans and projects to boost enrollment, increase student learning and intensify the classroom focus on creative thinking.

Development of a department newsletter, the Informer.