There are some projects that I am currently working on. 


I am developing an assessment of the challenges facing the city management form of government based on an analysis of data from the ICMA Performance Based Assessment that collected assessments of city managers and elected officials on the city manager's job and city manager performance.

I am developing an article that examines the essential linkages between the development of public service professions and the development and implementation of sophisticated public management tools and processes, such as performance management, e-government, strategic management, and performance budgeting.

I am the new director of the Public Performance and Management Group, and I am heavily engaged in grant-writing. Recent efforts include a proposal for a study mapping the IRS processing of Form 990 data and making recommendations for speeding the availability of data in electronic formats and improving accuracy. Another proposed the merging of data we are collecting on Georgia farmers with GIS population data to help develop a batter match between the availability of fresh produce and poor and/or elderly populations.

I am working on Farm-to-Table research with the USDA and the Georgia Department of Agriculture. The goal of this study is to identify barriers to direct sales at Atlanta-area markets.

I am finalizing a book chapter on information management for an ICMA book, Management Policies in Local Government Finance (6th edition), John R. Bartle, W. Bartley Hildreth and Justin Marlowe, Editors.

I am working with my PPM team on a yearly set of survey studies we conduct for multiple state agencies, providing ratings of customer and employee satisfaction.
I am working with two former practitioners on an effort to develop a strategic plan and a capital improvement program for a Georgia Community.
I am working on two articles addressing issues related to public procurement. One focuses on the development of the procurement and the other is a case study that examines the difficulties of maintaining internal control when implementing automated payment systems.
I received a small grant from the university to develop a "blended" class in Governmental Budgeting for undergraduate students. This will be offered in the spring of 2012.
I just completed a book chapter examining how CFO's can better support the development of e-government in local governments.