Welcome to the PMAP Internship Course!

Did you know that our students often get full-time job offers once they have completed their internship? You are on your way to the start of a new career or career advancement with this course.

Dear Interns--

Welcome to the PMAP internship course! This page offers you access to much of the class content, but you need to visit our Brightspace/D2L page to get everything you need. This Brightspace/D2L link will take you to the internship page, if you have Brightspace open in a browser and you have access to the page.

Let us know if you do not see the PMAP Internship Course. We have a "static" page that is not connected to class registration. This occasionally confuses students, but the benefits are huge. Click this link to send us an email and get added to the Brightspace page.

Remember that a regular course registration is still needed to receive credit for completing the internship course, but you can start your internship before you register on GoSolar.

GS and KW

Can I receive academic credit for doing an internship?

This is certainly true in the Department of Public Management and Policy where all of our programs require an internship, and many other GSU departments offer this option. All are welcome, but make sure that internship credit will count towards your degree. Undergraduate students must complete 200 hours on the job for three hours of credit. Graduate students must complete 300 hours.

In addition, we require all students seeking internship credit to submit an intern data sheet (a quiz/form on Brightspace) and to submit our program plan form when they begin their internships. Keep in mind that the program plan is a plan and not a report. There is no need to know every detail of your internship in advance. Any hours you wish to count for credit should be completed after these materials are submitted.

The internship syllabus is updated each semester: spring, summer, and fall. Students should follow the schedule that best fits their internship activity, and this does not correspond perfectly with your class registration.

We do not have regular course meetings, so it is important to check the Brightspace home page regularly to make sure you do not miss anything important. The questions and answers bulletin board is our primary means of communication. While there is only one required in-class session (at the end), we do offer a number of optional meeting times for students who have questions. We have special options for students conducting internships elsewhere in the United States or abroad, of course, but attendance at a final session is required for students conducting internships in the Atlanta area.

Some tips for getting started:

You are not required to complete your internship during any single semester. The courses (8941 and 4941) are available fall, spring, and summer. You can complete your internship at your own pace and you only need to register once. You need to have all of the internship requirements completed to graduate, of course.

Here is a summary of what different internship documents have to offer:

We have a page with all the resources you need to find the best possible internship.

The Internship Syllabus and Schedule tells you when materials are due for students completing their internship during the current semester. You can also access all of the required forms from this page. You do not need to be on D2L to access this page or download forms.

The Internship Checklist gives you a quick overview of everything that is required to get credit for the internship course. This is useful for students who are getting started on an internship during a break or those not completing all of their requirements in a single semester.

There is also a Frequently Asked Questions page available. This covers common questions, like how to qualify for 6 internship hours, internship waivers for MPA students, handing jury duty, and many other issues that commonly arise.

What types of internships do PMAP students find?

You might be surprised to know that we have had students do internships all over the world and in literally hundreds of Atlanta government offices, nonprofit organizations, consulting firms, and private companies. Think big and plan ahead!

US Government Accountability Office National Black Arts Festival
City of Decatur American Red Cross
Global Health Action Georgia Municipal Association
City of Atlanta Planning Bureau Atlanta Public Schools
Georgia Department of Agriculture Sierra Club
The Council for Quality Growth Georgia Family Connection
Research Atlanta, Inc. Chinese Culture Center in
GeoStats CDC
US Department of State US HHS Office of Inspector General
Canadian Consulate General City of Holly Springs
Center for Public Policy/Newcastle, England Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of
Georgia Lions Lighthouse DeKalb County
Federal Highway Administration Clean Air Campaign
Atlanta Police Foundation Berufsakadamie (University of
Cooperative Education) /Germany
World Bank Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Henry W. Grady Foundation MARTA
United Way Georgia Lottery Corporation
International Rescue Committee Georgia Department of Transportation
H2 Ecodesign North Georgia Angel House

What are the learning objectives for the internship course?

The learning objectives depend on you to some extent.  Internships can fill different needs.  Some might need an immersion into a particular field of work and others might want specific skills, for example.  From an instructional perspective, we are seeking to achieve these goals:

1. Internships should provide mentoring.  That is, you should learn something about a field of work through direct contact with someone who does it and is willing to share their experiences as well as assess your strengths and weaknesses.

2.  Internships should involve direct, hands-on experience with work activities that relate directly to your educational program.  The internship should enhance your academic experience at the university, allowing you to view the topics you have studied from different perspectives.

3.  An internship should lead to some conclusions about your next career steps.  Some may have some very specific ideas, and others may need to gather more information. Either way, the internship should generate some forward progress toward the development of some concrete ideas about the type of skills, knowledge, and work that you intend to pursue in the future.

Internships do push students to face up to the realities of the working world, which is important, but we are also committed to making certain that our internships also offer a valuable learning experience.

Internship Coordinators

You can reach the PMAP Internship Coordinators through the Internship home page on Brightspace. They will respond to questions you post on the bulletin board or in private email. You can also reach them through their GSU faculty email accounts listed below.


Greg Streib


(404) 939-1235

Fax: (404) 413-0104

 Katherine Willoughby


(404) 413-0117  

Fax: (404) 413-0104