Kaveh Kamooneh

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1999         Ph.D. in Philosophy, Columbia University.
                Dissertation title: Hume's Beliefs
                Committee: David Sidorsky (chair), Bernard Berofsky, Thomas Pogge,
                Wayne Proudfoot, and Jeremy Waldron.

1987        B. A. (Magna Cum Laude) in Philosophy, California State University at Northridge.

Areas of Specialization

Modern Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy (especially Hume, Kant and Rawls), Ethics.

Areas of Competence

Logic, Business Ethics, Philosophy of Love.

Academic Positions

August 2002-            President's Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Philosophy
present                      University of Minnesota.

August 1999 -           Visiting Instructor, Department of Philosophy
August 2002              Georgia State University.

September 1995 -      Adjunct Instructor, Department of Philosophy
May 1999                  Georgia State University.

January 1996 -          Adjunct Instructor, Department of Philosophy and Religion
May 1999                  Morehouse College.

August 1993 -            Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy
May 1995                   Nassau Community College.

August 1991 -            Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Philosophy
July 1993                   Nassau Community College.

November 1991 -       Adjunct Lecturer, IDEAL Program (ethical training for working professionals)
June 1992                 University of Bridgeport.


Published Papers:
    "Hume's Beliefs," British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 11(1), 2003.
    "Hume, a Supernaturalist and a Phenomenalist?" Philosophical Inquiry, XXIV 2, 2002.
    "Rawls and His Communitarian Critics," Nassau Review 6, 1993
    "Justice as Fairness or as Equality?," Journal of Value Inquiry 21, 1987.

Papers in Progress:
    “Romantic Love and Exclusivity,” currently under review at Journal of Applied Philosophy.
    “Normativity, Reflexivity and General Rules in Hume,” in progress.

Paper Presentations:
    "Normativity, Reflexivity and General Rules in Hume"
        November 2002 Philosophy Department colloquium, University of Minnesota.

    "Empiricism and Justification"
        February 1998 Philosophy Department colloquium, Morehouse College.

    "Hume's Beliefs"
        November 1997 Georgia Philosophical Society, Emory University.
        February 1997 Mid-South Philosophy Conference, The University of Memphis.

    "Hume on the Justification of Belief"
        May 1996 Philosophy Department colloquium, Georgia State University.

    "Romantic Love and Exclusivity"
        February 1996 Mid-South Philosophy Conference, The University of Memphis.

    "A Game of Risk: Feminism and Defining Criminal Wrongdoing" Stephan Mathis.
        February 1997 Mid-South Philosophy Conference, The University of Memphis.

    Fluency in Persian, reading proficiency in French and German.


Courses taught:      
      Graduate Seminar on Hume's Political theory (to be taught in Spring 2003)
      Ethical Theory (6 times)
      Symbolic Logic (7, twice through soundness and completeness)
      History of Modern Philosophy (6)
      History of Ancient Philosophy (2)
      Business Ethics (4)
      Philosophy of Religion (1)
      Introductory Philosophy (numerous)
      Critical Thinking (numerous).

Teaching load:     
     twelve courses per year from August 1999 to August 2002
     at least eight courses per year from August 1995 to August 1999.

Awards and Honors

August 1998 -      Dissertation Fellowship
February 1999      Department of Philosophy, Columbia University.

June 1995 -           Participant in NEH Seminar, “Causation, Explanation, and Empiricism”
July  1995             University of Virginia.

June 1993             Liberty & Society Seminar
                             Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University.

August1993 -       Claude R. Lambe Fellowship
May 1994             Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University.

October 1993      Jonathan Lieberson Memorial Prize
                            Columbia University.

August1986        Golden Key National Honors Society.

August 1987       Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honors Society.


Professional Service:
    Referee for American Philosophical Quarterly
    Logic textbooks for Simon & Schuster.

Volunteer  Service:
    Worker, Habitat for Humanity, Atlanta.
    Tutor, East Harlem Tutorial Program, New York.
    Citizen Pruner, New York City Street Tree Consortium, Department of Parks and Recreation, New York City.
    Case Worker, Committee for the Humanitarian Assistance to Iranian Refugees (CHAIR), New York.

Dr. David Sidorsky, Professor                                                                                                         Dr. Bernard Berofsky, Professor
Department of Philosophy                                                                                                              Department of Philosophy
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New York, NY 10025                                                                                                                       New York, NY 10025
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Dr. George Rainbolt, Chair                                                                                                            Dr. Thomas Pogge, Associate Professor
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Dr. Douglas Lewis, Chair
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October 2002