Hot Links and Tepid Links

The NY Times on the Web. Unlike the paper version,this one has comics.
Jonathan Coulton. A favorite artist of mine. Listen to his music here for free.
Meet Too Much Coffee Man, my favorite superhero.
The Hunger Site. At a click, make a donation toward alleviating world hunger at no cost to yourself.
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Both have peer-reviewed entries you can rely upon, unlike the sword-wielding skeletons you may learn about in Wikipedia.
The Philosophical humor page compiled by David Chalmers. Lots of good links here.
You'll never guess what's at
Horoscopes for Philosophy Graduate Students. Learn what's in your future!
Is God made of soap? Aquinas tells us the answer.
The Solipsist Web Ring. Not many members, for some reason.

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