A Sunday Afternoon in my Home Town

Our small coal mining town of Dickson City, PA; featured on my Fourteenth summer of life, a way the folks enjoyed a Sunday. In the morning we attended services in our local church, returning home we indulged in the newspaper's comic section of Katzmerjammer Kids, Mutt & Jeff, Maggie & Jiggs, Barney Google, Krazy Kat, etc. It was universal for us boys to read the Sport Page and follow the results of Major League Baseball games.

Every home in town seemed to have front porch, outdoor furniture, a glider swing or a wooden swing suspended by a chain from the porch ceiling. Hot Summer Days! the Novack family lived directly across the street from our dwelling and every Sunday afternoon the Novack's would gather on the front porch after their noonday dinner, open the front house windows that had lace curtains, wind up the victrola and play records of polka music, the sound carried forth a distance in the neighborhood. Some neighbors would join the Novacks, to gossip and listen to the music.

We boys were happy that the Dickson A.C. baseball team would play at the Brickyard Field at 3:00PM that same afternoon. The baseball diamond had no enclosed fence area, it was staged on an open field with a surface of clay both in the infield and outfield. Admission was free a collection was taken amongst the fans during the game for the local ball club, by a man passing a hat as he weaned his way through the crowd. We cheered for our home team to win the game. My favorite player on the Dickson A.C. was Wally Creevy. He played the position of center field. Most of the fans approved his style of baseball. This particular game was very tense and close, home team ahead, the score 4 to 3 with the visiting team at bat in the ninth inning. They had bases loaded with two (2) men out. In came the pitch, the batter struck the baseball had on a line drive toward the gap in the outfield between left and center field. We cheered as Creevy raced a top speed to glove the ball. On this Sunday afternoon in the month of June somewhere the Polka music plays a tune faintly. There's no joy in Dickson as I recall - for you see Wally Creevy dropped the ball!

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