Who Is This Guy Anyway?

I'm Tim O'Keefe, an Associate Professor in the Philosophy Department at Georgia State University

I got my Ph.D. from the UT-Austin Department of Philosophy. I specialize in ancient philosophy and wrote my dissertation on Epicurus. If you're interested in reading more about that part of my life, you can take a look at my curriculum vitae.

Before coming to Georgia, I taught at the University of Minnesota, Morris and worked as an 'ontological engineer' at Cycorp, Inc., an Artificial Intelligence research company.

Some personal info: I was born in New York City, but grew up in Long Island, Ohio, and New Jersey. My parents currently live in Florida, and my sister and her family are in Massachusetts. Here's a photo of us. My grandfather is over 100, and he likes writing about what it was like growing up in a coal-mining town in Pennsylvania and serving in WW II.

The wonderful Anne Farrell and I were married in the summer of 2002. We met in graduate school. Anne and I have three children, Quinn Patrick O'Keefe (born December 2003), Brennan John O'Keefe (born March 2006), and Katie Maeve O'Keefe (born February 2008). Here are some more photos of them.

Teaching, reading, and writing take up most of my time, but I also enjoy hiking, camping, biking, homebrewing, and being a news junkie.

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