He Appeared, As Savyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi, Calling Himseif An Ansaar Of The East Unto The West Now We Know Him As Rabboni Y'shua Bar El Haady And Dr Malachi Z. York. It Was March 16, 1970 A. D. That He Arrived, When Earth Astronomers Thought They Cited A Comet Which They Callcd Bennet He Arrived Like A Thief In The Night From The the Galaxv Called Illyuwn. For It Was His Time To Come In Flesh , Start His Work Of Breaking The Spell Of Sleep, Kingu Or Leviathan Thc Moon Spell Or Lunatic State Of Min d, With The Power As The Sun Of Righteousness With Dark Reddish Brown Skin Color, Hair Like Lambs Wool And Eyes Like Flames Of Fire, You Could Not Stare In His Eyes Long Before You Felt Him Looking Down Inside Of You. He Is Warm And Happy, Yet You See A Deep Sadness In His Eyes For He Knows He Must Save

I Once Asked What It Was And He Said With A Slight Smile, "I Have Seen Worlds Come And Go Where I Come From Beyond The Stars, A Planet Called Rizq, We Have Seen Manv Things And We Hate Watched 3 Cycles Of Your Equinox. Now I Am Sent Here To Beings Who Thinks I'm Crazv, "However I Will Still Do Mv Job." Those Close To Him Can Tell You He Is Not From Here He Knows Things You Can't Possibly Know From Being Here Anything We Asked Him, He Knew Thc Answer And Many Things We Never Asked, He Knew We Would Ask And He Gave Us The Answers. He Has Seen All The Faces Of All Thc Peoplc Of The Holy Scrolls, For They Are In Another World Next To This One This Is Just A Test He Smiles And Says, "I Know You Think I'm Nuts But In Time The Whole World Will Know I Am Her e, And Who I Really Am."

A Question Asked to Dr. Malachi Z. York taken from "The Man From Planet Risq" book

QUESTION: You Have Been Teaching Undisputable Facts For Over 25 Years How Did You Manage To Learn And Teach So Much lnformation For The Amount Of Years You Have?

ANSWER: I Am A Being From The 19th Galaxy Called lLLYUWN. We Have Been Coming To This Planet Before It Had Your Life Form On It. I Manifest Into This Body To Speak Through This Body. I Am A Entity An Etheric Being. We Watched The 3 Other Cycles Of 18,000 Years, Two Moons And One Sun Which Is Part Of Your 24,000 Year Cycle, The Equinox; The Removal Of The Dust Cloud From Light To Darkness Then To Light Again. I Incarnated Into This Realm From Time To Time. My Incarnation As An Ilah Mutajassid Or Avatara Was Originally In The Year 1945 A.D. In Order To Get Here I Travelled By One Of The Smaller Passenger Crafts Called SHAM Out Of A Motherplane Called MERKABAH Or NIBIRU.

Then In 1970 A.D., Was My Time To Come In Flesh To Start My Work Of Breaking The Spell Of Sleep Also Called The SPELL OF LEVIATHAN Or KINGU, The Moon Spell Or Lunatic State Of Mind With The Power As The "Sun Of Righteousness" (Malachi 4:2). Earth Astronomers Thought It Was A Comet, Which They Called Bennett That Appeared On March 16, 1970 A.D. Four Months Before My 25th Birthday June 26, 1970 A.D. - The Opening Of The Seventh Seal Which Marked The Beginning Of The Aquarian Age. An Astrophysicist Named Ricarrdo Ciacconi Sent Up A Satellite From Kenya, Africa In The Year 1970 A.D., To Study X-Rays In The Sky For Three Years Trying To Map Our Coming. The Satellite Was Called "Uhuru" Which In The African Language Called Swahili, ls "Freedom". Swahili Is Made From Two Different Languages Called Bantu And Arabic That Was A Language Created For The Slave Trade That Occured In Zanzibar Between The Arabs And The Scientists Were Well Aware Of Our Coming And Called Us Bennett.

I, YAANUWN, Am An ANUNNAQI Or What You Would Call An Extra-Terrestrial; Extra Terra-Astral; Look At This EXTRA- Meaning In Addition To; TERRA-Of The Earth; ASTRAL- Of Or From The Stars. I Am What You Call An Angelic Being, An Eloheem From The 8th Planet Called RIZQ Which Has 1 Moon SHESHQI Of Its Own. This Galaxy, The Nineteenth Galaxy Called "ILLYUWN" Originally Referred To As Heaven Known As Elysium In Greek, Has 3 Suns: 1) SHAMASH 2) UTU 3) APSU Which Means A Tri-Solar System With 38 Moons And 19 Planets. Each With Its Own Number Of Moons. I Have Incarnated Here In This Form To Act As A Human Being For The Sole Purpose Of Saving The Children Of The ELOHEEM (ANUNNAQI), The Banaat, Which Is The Same Word As Bennett, The Chosen 144,000. Just As Mary Of 2,000 Years Ago Was Chosen By The MOST HIGH, ANU, Called An ALIEN, Which Is 'ALI' And 'EN' (AN), Both Of Which Are Names For ANU, To Breed The Holy Thing Called Yashu'a Or Jesus', Real Name Tammuz, Called Horus. So Too, The Banaat Will Breed The Savior Of This Time; If They Hold Firm To The Rope On Your Planet Earth. The Planet Earth Is Also Referred To As Orb, Ard (Arduwt), QI, Terra Or Even Tiwawat And Tamtu Meaning "Maiden Of Life ". However, It Was Originally Called Tiamat. I, YAANUWN, Have Come To Save The Children Of The ELOHEEM (ANUNNAQI) From Being Killed As You Bring Your Planet Near To What Could Be Its Total Destruction.