Greetings Enoshite,

You are Enoshite #:

My pen name is DR. Haliym. I am a Nine Ether being and a Melanit-ite child. I am of a family of Doctors and Ministers of Theology, History, Spiritual Science and Comparative religious. We are Doctors whose purpose is to cure the planet earth of untruths with pure facts. I am a student of Nuwaubu, the science of pure facts and sound right reasoning. I created the Nuwaubu page to be used as a tool to help spread Right Knowledge as taught by the Master teacher DR. Malachi Z. York.

You will find uplifting soul stirring information here. We will help guide you to Right thinking, Right wisdom and overstanding. We will present many facts and eternal truths that you may find hard to believe. However, this is good, we ask that you do not believe one thing that we teach. It is imperative; you check out the facts for yourself. You must know in order to grow. I mean you must overstand beyond a shadow of a doubt. Then you must be in accordance to the truth. First there must be THOUGHT then ACTION.

We will present to you excerpts from hundreds of books authored by DR. Malachi Z. York. We will in the near future use this page as an online classroom where we can hold knowledge sessions. You will find links to other pages of the Holy Tabernacle Ministries, Spiritual Science, etc. We will also present reference materials that will aid you in your quest for Overstanding and Right knowledge.


We hope you have found this page of interest. If you have not go in peace and ponder why you have no interest in facts that make you feel uncomfortable. If you have found this page of interest please E-mail me, Haliym, with your comments, ideas and questions.