Allison Calhoun-Brown
Associate Professor of Political Science
Director of Graduate Studies
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA 30303


 Teaching and Research
    Dr. Allison Calhoun-Brown (Ph.D. Emory University, 1994) is Associate Professor of Political Science at Georgia State University .  Her research and teaching interests include public opinion, religion and politics, and African American politics.  Dr. Calhoun-Brown is particularly interested in the influence of churches and ministers on political behavior in the black community.  She is a past chair of the Religion and Politics section of the American Political Science Association and has published her research in journals such as The American Politics Quarterly, The Journal of Politics and The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.   Her current research projects examine the effects of religiosity on the political attitudes and behaviors of African Americans.

Course Offerings

        Fall 2002
                Political Science 8800 Research Methods in Political Science (graduate course)
                Review Syllabus for this course

          Spring 2003
                Political Science 4165 African American Politics (undergraduate course)

                Political Science 8175 African American Political Participation (graduate course)

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