Dr. Carrie Manning
Director of Graduate Studies

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Georgia State University

Room 1007, General Classroom Building
Tel. 404-651-4836
Fax 404-651-1434
email: cmanning2@gsu.edu

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General Research Interests:
Politics of post-conflict peacebuilding; democratization and conflict resolution; political economy of development; African politics.  Regional focus on southern Africa, especially Angola and Mozambique.

Current Research:
Political party development and party system formation in post-conflict democracies (Mozambique, Liberia, Bosnia, and Kosovo); local governance and the challenges for post-conflict peacebuilding; role of relief and development NGOs in state-building and rule of law promotion.

Teaching Interests:
African politics; conflict resolution and post-conflict politics; political economy of development; comparative public administration.

Courses Taught:
African Politics in Global Perspective; The Politics of Peace: Civil War, State-Building, and Democracy; Global Issues; Comparative Political Economy of Economic Development; Comparative Public Administration.