Spencer Banzhaf

H. Spencer Banzhaf

Dept. of Economics

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

Georgia State University

Weak Complementarity



Working Papers

"Difference-in-Difference Hedonics," April 2018, 2nd revision requested from Journal of Political Economy.

"Panel-Data Hedonics: Rosen's First Stage as a 'Sufficient Statistic,'" April 2017, revision requested from International Economic Review.

"Economics and Theological Ethics," Aug. 2017, revision requested from Journal of Religious Ethics. (Available upon request.)

"Environmental Justice: Establishing Causal Relationships," under review (with L. Ma and C. Timmins).

"Age-Based Property Tax Exemptions," Dec. 2018, under review (with R. Mickey and C. Patrick).

"Capitalization as a Two-Part Tariff: The Role of Zoning," Dec. 2018 (with K. Mangum).

"Nonparametric Tests of the Tragedy of the Commons," Dec. 2018 (with Y. Liu, F. Asche, and M. Smith).

Selected Publications

"The Environmental Turn in Natural Resource Economics: John Krutilla and 'Conservation Reconsidered,'" Journal of the History of Economic Thought, forthcoming.

"Environmental Justice: The Economics of Race, Place, and Pollution," Journal of Economic Perspectives, forthcoming (with L. Ma and C. Timmins).

"Fuel Consumption and Gasoline Prices: The Role of Assortative Matching between Households and Automobiles," Journal of Environmental Economics & Management, forthcoming (with T. Kasim).

"Constructing Markets: Environmental Economics and the Contingent Valuation Controversy," History of Political Economy, annual supplement ed. by R. Backhouse and B. Cherrier, 2017.

"Valuation of Ecosystem Services in the Southern Appalachian Mountains," Environmental Science and Technology, 2016 (with D. Burtraw, S. Chung, B.J. Cosby, D.A. Evans, A. Krupnick, and J. Siikamaki).

"Benefits of the Ballot Box for Species Conservation," Ecology Letters, 2014 (with P.R. Armsworth, K. Kroetz, and J.N. Sanchirico).

"The Cold War Origins of the Value of Statistical Life (VSL)," Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2014.

"On Fiscal Illusion in Local Public Finance: Re-examining Ricardian Equivalence and the Renter Effect ," National Tax Journal, 2013 (with W.E. Oates).

Segregation and Tiebout Sorting: The Link between Place-Based Investments and Neighborhood Tipping," Journal of Urban Economics, 2013 (with R.P. Walsh).

"Non-Regulatory Approaches to the Environment: Coasean and Pigouvian Perspectives," Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 2013 (with T. Fitzgerald and K. Schnier).

The Political Economy of Environmental Justice, Stanford University Press (2012) "Fiscal Federalism and Interjurisdictional Externalities: New Results and an Application to US Air Pollution," Journal of Public Economics, 2012 (with B.A. Chupp).

"The Architecture and Measurement of an Ecosystem Services Index," Sustainability, 2012 (with J. Boyd).

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"Objective or Multi-Objective? Two Historically Competing Visions for Benefit Cost Analysis," Land Economics, 2009.

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"What are Ecosystem Services? The Need for Standardized Environmental Accounting Units," Ecological Economics, 2007 (with J. Boyd).

"Meta-Analysis in Model Implementation: Choice Sets and the Value of Air Quality Improvements," Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2007 (with V.K Smith).

"Green Price Indices," Journal of Environmental Economics & Management, 2005.