25 years


SDIS 1.0 was defined in our 1992 article (Bakeman & Quera, 1992). The first version of GSEQ, incorporating the first SDIS compiler and developed for IBM-compatible computers running the Disk Operating System (DOS), was released in 1995 (Bakeman & Quera, 1995). Initial versions of GSEQ were called SDIS-GSEQ, and ran in DOS. In 1997, we released the first GSEQ for Windows (GSEQ 3.0), followed by an expanded version (GSEQ 4.0) in 2001.

The current version, GSEQ 5, is a new and significantly improved version of GSEQ. The Windows interface has been redesigned. It is now more intuitive and simpler to use than earlier versions. The menu structure in particular has been simplified. Fewer windows are open at a time, typically only one or two. GSEQ 5 has been totally reprogrammed. As a result, there are now no limits on the number of codes, the numbers of factors, the number of factor levels, the number of behavior streams, etc., that existed in earlier versions. It is also faster.

Analyses are indicated largely by point and click (using buttons, check boxes, and lists). This replaces the command language of the earliest DOS version of GSEQ and the command-line generator of later versions. As a result, it is no longer necessary to generate, or keep track of, GSEQ command files.

The format for MDS files produced by the GSEQ 5 compiler differs from the format used in earlier versions. As a result, any SDS files compiled earlier need to be recompiled for use with GSEQ 5.


Limitations and Future Plans: