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Course Highlights of this Practical, "Real World" class include:
- Can an employer demand your Facebook password?
- Can you be fired for Facebook activity on your home computer?
- What copyright laws protect your online business?
- How do you select and protect a domain name on the web?

INTERNET LAW COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course examines how the U.S. legal system is evolving to accommodate the Internet's impact on business practices, society and values. The course covers a wide range of Internet-related legal issues including technology and the law, court jurisdiction over Internet-related business activities, intellectual property, e-commerce, taxation of Internet sales, privacy in cyberspace, on-line defamation, information security, cyber-crimes, and government regulation of Internet services. Emphasis is placed on developing legal doctrines and their application to Internet-based business activities.

1- Required Text: The Cyber Citizen's Guide Through the Legal Jungle: Internet Law for Your Professional Online Presence Joy R. Butler (Sashay Communications, May 10, 2010); ISBN-10: 0967294029; ISBN-13: 978-0967294025

2- Additional Reading posted in "Desire 2 Learn" (formerly uLearn)

(along with the Syllabus/Set of Terms/Other Material)

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Professor Binder's Recent Cyberlaw Articles
- Social Networks and Workplace Risk: Classroom Scenarios from a U.S. and EU Perspective (forthcoming January 2013)
- New Top-Level Domain Names Add .xxxtra Company Burden - Group Activities for Creating Effective Domain Registration  Portfolios, 14 Atlantic Law Journal 114-145 (August 2012)

Current Research: Criminal Defamation on Social Networks: Integrating the Amanda Knox Case with Classroom Activities to Examine Cyber-Libel Issues

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Professor Perry Binder's Homepage